Use the Library After Hours

Library Use Policy

The Library is available for programs and meetings that offer, civic, cultural, informational and recreational programs, and which are open to the public and are free of charge.  No petitions, political or commercial, nor any charitable solicitations, unless library related, shall be permitted. The Library reserves the right to refer to the Board of Trustees decisions regarding meetings. Individuals or groups denied access have the right to appeal to the Library Trustees.

In accordance with the ALA Bill of Rights, which assures that the resources of the library are made available on an equitable basis, regardless of the benefits or affiliations of the individuals requesting their use, the program/meeting facilities of the library are available on a first come, first serve basis, provided that such programs/meetings do not conflict with regular library services and they conform to the guidelines provided. (See Library Use Form).

Any group comprised primarily of youth requires accompaniment by an adult(s) 18 years or older.

If the library sponsors an event, the library is responsible for publicizing and overseeing the event. If the event is initiated by a person or group other than the library, then this individual or group is responsible for publicizing and overseeing the event.

Use of the library does not imply library endorsement of the event or its sponsor.

The sponsor of any event will fill out a Library Use Form, available at the library during regular hours or on the library website.

Revised and adopted by the board on 2/21/2023.

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