What to Read Next


What should I read next? This is every reader’s perennial question. Here are a few suggestions:



  • Read Alikes—If you have read everything by a particular author and want to continue with the same kind of book, you can do a search online for an author or book title and the word “readalikes”. For example, you could type the following into the Google search box: “Janet Evanovich readalikes”. You will likely come up with search results that are lists of what other Evanovich readers recommend while you wait for the next in her series.


  • Bookmarks Magazine—The Putney Library subscribes to Bookmarks Magazine, which compiles reviews of new books and reviews of books that have come out in past years, making it a great source for books you may have missed. Their website also features a search of their review archive which allows you to do searches for genre and subgenre. Back issues of Bookmarks can be found in the library’s magazine section.


  • Goodreads.com—Good Reads is a social media website that lets readers share reviews and theme lists. It helps you track what you’ve read, keep lists of what you’re planning to read, see what your friends are reading, and get recommendations based on what you’ve enjoyed. Accounts are free.


  • Ask a librarian! Our librarians may not have read everything, but we know what we and other library patrons have been enjoying! Ask us any time.

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